Met a person that you want to meet again?

thengamate helps you find the guy who smiled at you or the girl who looked you in the eye.. and disappeared.
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What is is a social network that helps people discovery.

You met a person briefly, or just looked each other in the eye, or had a meaningful smile. But you never connected. Maybe you were nervous or it just did not happen. You can connect with them here. Hundreds of people are already searching here. Perhaps the person you want to connect is already looking for you right here!

Just enter the location and time of your magical encounter. Its very simple. Sign up and see.

Does thengamate have a better shot at dating?

Certainly. The hormones and instincts your body develops when you meet a person has a lot to say about whether or not you want to meet that person again. We trust the human brain in matters like this (or heart, poetically).

Online dating is usually about the website dumping you a bunch of profiles that you pick from, go and meet (how strange!). We say, you do your heart's work and we will help you meet that person.

Oh whatever happened to the real old dating!

Is thengamate a dating service?

Not really. This is a social network for finding and connecting to people you missed to connect. What happens after is your business. We're happy for you if you land in a date or relationship.

Ok, How does it work?

Two simple steps:
1. Sign up (very easy, no annoying questionnaire).
2. At your home page, you will see a map and two input boxes. Enter Location and Time of your encounter with that special other in the input boxes and Save. Thats it.

We will notify you by email whenever someone records the same location and time as yours. You can also see those connections when you login to thengamate. If someone already recorded the same location and time with us you will instantly see it when you click Save.

Does it work? Always?

Accuracy: thengamate's socializing is centered around you, not some computer algorithms or randomness. We take the data you enter to calculate and find the person you want to meet again. The more accurately you enter the information (location, date and time), the better is your result.

Your profile picture: A flower is beautiful but not as beautiful as your face. You get the idea. Have a recent picture of your face to help others identify you.

Global: Many parts of the developing world do not have standardized addresses. People get to decide their own housenames or office names. Only a very few streets are named. This makes it challenging for two people to type in exactly same location. We will shortly get around those technical challenges so people everywhere in the world can use this service.

How secure is my identity?

thengamate hides your real name, email address and any other personally identifiable information. Others will only see your username. We are also adding other visibility control features so you have more flexibility on who sees you here.

Is it free?

Yes it's free. Remember though, good things won't last longer. Hop on right away.